Airone Ambiente carries out research, feasibility studies, designs and builds plants for the wastewater treatment, with particular specialization of biological wastewater treatment from agricultural and zootechnical food derivation; for this sector it offers its own unique and tested technology with the highest performance and a very low energy consumption

Our areas of intervention in industries:

water and beverage – frozen foods – farms – starch producers – wineries – dairies – electric cables – pharmacology – hatcheries – laundries – processing eggs – fish processing – feed mills – slaughterhouses – hospitals – prepared for ice cream – preparing meals – production and cutting bricks – cured meat factory – rendering (processing animal waste) – cured pork meat factory – dry cleaners – paints

Many are our achievements in the civil sector

even with compact solutions preassembled in carpentry metal structure.

residential areas, communities, villages, companies

Discover some case histories of works done

In addition to wastewater treatment plant construction Airone Ambiente is also involved with:

  • wastewater treatment plant specialist management;
  • reclamation of small irrigation artificial basins, ornamental or for fishing;

>> Consulting

  • scheduled and/or extraordinary electromechanical maintenance;
  • reclamation of water networks contaminated by unwanted microorganisms, with particular reference to the genera Legionella and Pseudomonas;

>> Plant Management

  • analysis of water, sewage, sludge;
  • waste classification;
  • automatic removal of sewage samples, measurement with adjusting if necessary of hydraulic flow in ducts or drains;

>> Laboratory for Analysis